12 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes Set Cosmetics Foundation Makeup Brushes Kit with Case Bag

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Premium Synthetic Hair, Denser and Silkier than stiff hair
Bristles-Perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products. Hand made with solid wood handle and mental ferrule.
Complete Function-Foundation, Blending, Blush, Eyeliner & Face Powder. Portable and convenient for daily makeup

Number of Brushes: 12
Type: Makeup Brush
Hair Material: Synthetic
Handle: Wooden

How to clean makeup brushes:
1. Run the bristles of brush under warm running water.
2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather.
3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.
4. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.
5. Allow it to air-dry

Package Includes:
1x 12 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes Set
Product Type:
Makeup brushes
0.4 kg
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