Shock Proof 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy C7


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قبل الخصم: 49.00 AED
5.00 AED
ستوفر: 44.00 AED
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Ships from: United Arab Emirates
Shock Proof shock Screen protector offers protection against normal wear and tear and help prevent scratches, cracks, and other damage that may result from normal use. Ultra Explosion proof, shock proof, anti scratch and anti fingerprint. Only 0.26mm thickness. Cutting technology with 2.5D edges. Four layers protection. Made from highest quality tempered glass for the clearest, longest lasting screen protection . Screen Protector 7 Benefit Protects from scratches No sticky residue No rainbow effect Repels dirt Easy installation Precisely cut for a perfect fit Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy C7 Package Includes: 1x 9H Tempered Glass Protector For Samsung Galaxy C7
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