Ozone 5 in 1 Accessory Combo Kit Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit for GoPro Hero 6/Hero 5/SJCAM

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Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, climbing swimming performing search , rescue operations, paddle sports, or any activity where you want to get a
great view of the action.
Get started with your GoPro in style.
All in one bundle meets your needs for supporting accessories when shooting with your GoPro Hero.
The head strap is compatible with all sizes of GoPro cameras and SJCAM action camera and can be adjusted according to your needs. Easy to wear or release
it. Features of the Head Strap Mount Fully adjustable to fit all sizes
The chest strap can be used in bicycle and auto cycle riding, skiing boating, fishing, hiking, etc.
Length adjustment & stretch belt strap. The belt is made of stretchable rubber material.
Mount the GoPro or SJCAM with the quick release buckle that allows easy attachment and detachment of the camera. Since the length of the belt can be
adjusted, you can freely adjust the mounting position by covering the differences even body shape.
The monopod will extend the arm like a self-shooting stick and take a distance.
Used to project images of various sports and Used for installing the camera
You can shoot a wide range in a usage way. Can be stretched and contractive.
Adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position.
Package Includes:
1x Adjustable Chest Harness Strap
1x J Hook Mount
1x Adjustable Head Strap Mount
1x Handheld Monopod (extendable upto 95 cms)
1x Mounting Adaptor
Compatible with All GoPro Models Series like, GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 5, GoPro Hero 6, also compatible with all
SJCAM Action Camera and Yi Action Camera
Compatible Devices Model:
Huawei Honor 9
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