Handy Protective Carry Travel Storage Bag Case for GoPro Camera Hero 1 2 3 3+ SJCAM Sereis


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This Organizer case is the perfect companion to any GoPro camera, offering an easy storage and transport solution for a single GoPro camera (all the GoPro types fit this case - 960, HERO, HERO2 & HERO3, Hero 5), as well as numerous accessories. The sleek design and lightweight feel make it easy to carry and keep your camera and expensive accessories in perfect condition! This compact and easy to use case keeps your camera set protected at all times. With perfectly shaped compartments for your GoPro camera, battery, up to two BacPacs (LCD, Wifi, or Battery BacPac), SD Card, housing doors and all your leads! It includes a new mesh storage pocket in the lid, for more flexibility in storing cables, doors, accessories, and the paper instructions / usage manual if you wish to take them out with you! With no official storage solution provided when you buy a GoPro camera, this storage case is an absolute must-have for any GoPro owner! An organized and custom designed storage case for your GoPro camera & accessories Perfect for GoPro storage when not in use Perfect as a protective travel case Sleek, lightweight, padded, and compact! Perfectly shaped compartments for a GoPro camera, outer housing, and accessories Compatible with GoPro HERO 960, HERO / HERO1, HERO2, and HERO3 Hero 5 cameras Please note that camera is not included in the package. Package Includes: 1x Handy Protective Carry Travel Storage Bag Case
Compatible with:
GoPro HERO 960, HERO / HERO1, HERO2, and HERO3 Hero 5 Cameras
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