GameSir G5 Wireless Mobile Game Controller Mouse Keyboard Converter with Phone Clip for iOS Android

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Built-in Bracket
Keep your phone secure and stay focused on the game with two adjustable angles (110 degrees & 150 degrees). Supporting smart phones with 3.5 ~ 6 inches screen

G-Engine Solves Games Compatibility
GameSir G-Engine is a brand new function that allows you to play the non-natively-gamepad-supported games with GameSir World app. Simply go to GameSir World app and add any games you want, then launch the game via Direct play by G-Engine

GameSir Custom APP for Android
Some popular mobile games do not support gamepad natively. To force them controllable with gamepads, GameSir requires you to use GameSir World app to create a button overlay on the screen allowing GameSir product to control the game (Android)

Full-Haptic Trackpad and surrounding 8-Button layout
The Trackpad has traditional key and touchpad dual modes with different profiles. The Touchpad is more responsive and sensitive to track your finger's input which make you motion aming more precise and accurate. Tapping on 4 dots on trackpad like pressing ABXY buttons.

Surrounding 8-Button layout are user-friendly for playing MOBA games, allowing you to simulate multi-function hotkeys work for different occasions.

Built-in BattleDock
Thanks to the brand new GameSir Next-Gen CPU, G5 has battledock function embedded inside the controller, which makes it not just a controller but also a keyboard mouse converter.

Brand: GameSir
Model: G5
Working Platforms: Android / iOS (only work for certain apps)
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Cable Length: 39.37 in.
Battery Life: 18 hr.
Vibration Feedback: No
Auto-fire turbo mode: Yes
Battery Capacity: 800mAh battery
Dimensions: 6.10 x 3.98 x 2.56 in.

Package Includes:
1x GameSir G5 Gamepad
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual