Eyeglasses holder Stand Case, Plush Lined Protective Glasses Case For Desks Or Nightstands, Black- By OptiPlix

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We know how it is as a glasses wearer. You always lose them when you take them off to do random chores, when you go to
sleep or when doing other activities. Once you are done performing these activities, there is always that resulting
dreaded moment--where did you put your glasses?! You lose them even if they are right in front of you or even on your
head! It is time to use a product that keeps your eyeglasses in plain sight at all times. That is why OptiPlix has
created our upright lined eyeglasses holder.

This item was made just for you! Made of polyester and fully lined this glasses holder is a perfect place to store your
glasses. You never have to worry about your glasses lenses getting scratched in this snug and soft holder.You receive
only the best protection for your glasses because it is lined so there is also no worries of the arms bending or getting
dirty. Theses holders are more than super convenient-- they also come in the trendy fashion forward colors of Burgundy,
Fuchsia, Victoria Green. Grey, Purple, Champagne, Red and Black. With these rich colors options these furry holders also
make the perfect gift for men, women and children! The perfect unisex gift to solve an age old problem is now here
thanks to OptiPlix. We know you will love how easy it is to find and store your glasses with our handy new product.

Product Information:

• Protects Your Glasses From Scratches, Bending and Other Damages with Cushioned Lining

• Keeps Your Lens Clean With Special Lining

• Comes in Beautiful, Modern Colors

• Perfect Gift for Men, Women and Children

• Fits Most Standard Sized Glasses and Sunglasses

• Makes Your Glasses Easy to Find and Locate

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100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our products never disappoint. With all OptiPlix products we always guarantee our customers' 100% satisfaction. We love to make items that make your daily life easier, and we pride ourselves on solving everyday problems with
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