Swagmat 8.7mm 3-pack Silicone Rings (9.5)

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How to Keep Your Wedding Band Safe and Keep Yourself Safe Too

Many men have concerns about scuffing or losing their ring during manual tasks and moreover injuring themselves
unnecessarily. This can be due to catching, pinching and even electrical burns. Metal rings do get snagged up sometimes
and can get worn in contact with other metal or abrasive surfaces too. Wear our silicone rings as your day-to-day ring
and reserve your precious metal ring for precious moments.

We've taken a good look at what's out there and have heard the cries in the wilderness. The differences between our
rings and many others are:

• They're durable and less likely to split under stress - highest tensile strength
• Available in American sizes 5.5 through 16
• Hypoallergenic silicone means no rash - FDA compliant on genuine swagmat rings
• Tapered curved dome finish means they're less likely to get caught on things
• Fast shipping from Amazon
• Subtle debossed swagmat logo branded on inside of ring verifies the genuine product as described. Purchase genuine.
• Genuine swagmat rings have size debossed inside of ring for quick convenient sizing confirmation
• Comes in a small, clear, branded zip-lock bag - for easy, secure storage
• No problems with getting the wrong color since you get all three
• None of the problems associated with the three banded color rings splitting at the seams - There are no seams to split
At Swagmat we make stylish stuff for adventurous lifestyles. We know you value good customer service if things go pear
shaped and so we're offering a 100% money back, lifetime guarantee on these. So get them while you can!

MONEY BACK, NO HASSLE GUARANTEE - At Swagmat customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Swagmat provides a 100% risk free lifetime guarantee on all silicone rubber wedding bands, no questions asked. So there is nothing to lose, especially your formal
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